"My Wife Got Hurt A Lot": Engelbert Humperdinck Is Trying To "Make It Up" To His Partner Of 55 Years After A String Of Affairs

Date October 25, 2019 16:52

Engelbert Humperdinck's wife, Patricia Healey, has been suffering from Alzheimer's for the last 11 years. In 2017, he released a record, which is particularly close to his heart, in honor of her ill sweetheart.

The Man I Want to Be is an ode to his wife of 55 years, whom he cares for while she is battling the disease.

Engelbert Humperdinck's wife

Although the iconic singer cares about Patricia Healey as much as he can, their personal life wasn't favorable all the time. Back in 2014, Humperdinck admitted he had gotten "more paternity suits than casual ones" after a bunch of flings.

Engelbert Humperdinck has been married for more than five decades. And though he assures his wife of his genuine love to her, the singer confessed he had had a string of extramarital activities, such as affairs and one-night stands, in the past.

He soon realized that Patricia had been hurt by his actions and he has been working on to "make it up" to his other half.

I think my wife got hurt a lot. I’ve tried to make it up to her. I ring her three or four times a day – not because of guilt but because I want to talk.

Humperdinck also stated that having infidelities had been "a part of growing up."

She [Patricia] knew I always loved her more. But I think being in showbusiness and having so many people giving themselves, I suppose I thought I was missing something. It was a part of growing up.

Engelbert Humperdinck's family and children

Engelbert Humperdinck married Patricia Healey in 1964, implying they have stayed together for more than 50 years. Together, the couple has four children: three sons, Scott, Jason, and Bradley, as well as a daughter, Louise.

Throughout the years, the two have maintained a strong family life. Engelbert Humperdinck's children have produced eight grandchildren!

Some women leave their husbands after adultery; some others stay no matter what. It is up to every female to decide what kind of life they want to lead. But it's noteworthy that Engelbert and Patricia are stronger than ever amid her battle with Alzheimer's disease.