Christian Slater's Father Claims He Was Blacklisted By His Son And As A Result, He Can Barely Make Ends Meet

Date October 21, 2019 16:19

Fans of Christian Slater may be wondering about how things are between the actor and his father, who also happens to be a veteran actor.

Christian Slater's words about his father

During a sit-down with InterviewMagazine in 2015, Christian Slater revealed that he hadn't spoken to his father Tom Slater in about nine years.

Here, he described his dad as a "manic-depressive schizophrenic" who "always had trouble." He also said that his father was very charming, but he was difficult to work with which made things challenging.

Nevertheless, Christian said that things were getting better between himself and his dad and they were working towards a reconciliation.

Christian Slater's dad reacts

According to a 2016 report by the UK DailyMail, Christian Slater's father intended to sue his son and he accused Christian of ruining his (Tom's) acting career, leaving him broke.

Tom, a veteran actor, said he was filing a $20 million libel lawsuit against Christian and accused both him and Christian Slater's mother Mary Jo Slater of preventing him from getting acting roles by telling the world that he had mental issues.

Tom was very upset that his son said he had schizophrenia and manic depression as he insisted that he didn't have a mental illness.

Christian Slater's father told the publication that both Christian and his mother "colluded and conspired" against him so as to destroy his reputation. He went on to add that despite being a good dad, Christian had disowned him and refused to let him meet his grandchildren.

Christian has repeated the lie that I have mental illness many times - over and over again. He's effectively disowned me.

Tom Slater said that because his son and ex-wife refused to let him work in Hollywood, he had to work as a parking valet and was even forced to take handouts to survive.

They are both determined to treat me like I don't exist.

He accused Mary Jo Slater, a casting director, of ensuring he didn't get acting jobs. And about his son, Tom said:

Christian sat on my knee as a child and watched me do these soap operas and learned from me how show business works and he hasn't given me one bit of credit - and he treats me like this - he's ungrateful.

Christian Slater's mom talks about her son

In 2005, Mary Jo Slater appealed to the public to stop spreading negative stories about her son's love life and focus on his charitable deeds instead.

Many years later, in a 2018 interview with DailyMail, Christian talked about shedding his bad-boy persona and settling into family life.

I think as you get older, you get a bit more settled into who it is you want to be.So when I get behind the closed door of my house, I have my chores. I do the dishes. I take the garbage out. I have my responsibilities. I show up for my kids.

Christian Slater's Father Claims He Was Blacklisted By His Son And As A Result, He Can Barely Make Ends MeetGetty Images / Ideal Image

Christian Slater's family appears to have experienced tense moments in the past and when it comes to the actor's dad, things don't seem to be going very well. But as for the actor himself. he has come a long way and seems to be focused on being a better person today. That's all anyone can do.