"Marry Me Again." Howard Stern Re-Proposes To His Wife Beth On Live TV After 11 Years Of Marriage

Date October 11, 2019

When you are in love, you want to shout it from the rooftops, or in this case, right on live TV.

Howard Stern considers himself very lucky to have found his wife Beth. He revealed to AOL earlier this year that he sometimes looks at his beloved and just can't believe how lucky he is.

I guess that's the definition of a dream girl, and nineteen years in I still feel that way about her.

"Marry Me Again." Howard Stern Re-Proposes To His Wife Beth On Live TV After 11 Years Of MarriageGetty Images / Ideal Image

Howard and Beth first met on a "rainy, cold night" and they were together for seven years before finally tying the knot in 2008.

11 years and counting

During a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Howard Stern decided to show just how much he loves his wife by proposing to her in front of the audience and millions of people watching from home.

The radio host began by revealing to the show host that he had wanted to remarry Beth for a while now but she hadn't been agreeing to his proposal.

She thinks it’s jinxed if you get married again.

Howard then declared to Jimmy that he was going to propose to Beth again right there and then. He then turned to where Beth was sitting in the audience and said to her:

Honey come up here, I want to propose.

The crowd started cheering as a surprised Beth walked up to meet her husband on the stage.

The radio host went down on one knee and appreciated his wife for giving him "the best years" of his life. Then he asked:

I’m gonna say to you now in front of all of my best friends, my sweet love, will you marry me again?

Beth said "yes" to his proposal this time around and the lovebirds shared a sweet kiss on stage as everyone cheered.

Howard's daughter's disapproval

In 2015, Howard's daughter from a previous marriage Emily Stern told the New York Post that she felt like her parents' divorce came out of nowhere.

Emily said she felt her mom and dad were "very much in love" and that he changed when he married Beth, a model.

Howard seems really happy with the woman he's now married to. And while Emily's views are understandable, at the end of the day, the radio host probably chose to do what gladdened his heart.