Salma Hayek's Billionaire Husband Started Dating Her Months After Leaving Ex Linda Evangelista For Refusing To Have An Abortion

Date September 2, 2019 13:20

Salma Hayek's fans were happy for her when, in March 2007, she confirmed she was engaged to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault.

In September of that year, Hayek and Pinault had even more reason to celebrate when they welcomed their daughter. But despite seeming like a happy family man, Pinault actually once turned his back on a child before dating the actress.

A bitter trial

Pinault and model Linda Evangelista dated for a few months before breaking up. And it was later revealed that the main reason the relationship ended was that she had gotten pregnant and Pinault wasn't ready to be a father.

Salma Hayek's Billionaire Husband Started Dating Her Months After Leaving Ex Linda Evangelista For Refusing To Have An AbortionGetty Images / Ideal Image

In 2012, Evangelista took Pinault to court because he refused to pay child support. It was during the court proceedings that the billionaire admitted that he broke up with the supermodel after finding out she was pregnant, four months into their relationship. He reportedly said:

I didn't even know her.

At the time the trial was going on, Pinault was already married to Hayek while the son he shared with Evangelista, Augie, was five years old. According to Evangelista's lawyer William Beslow, the tycoon was initially happy about the model's pregnancy. However, he later told her he wished she would terminate it.

Evangelista insisted she would keep and support the child when he ex made it clear that he won't. While in court, Pinault said his ex-girlfriend's financial demands were unreasonable and insisted that she only wanted to use the money on herself.

He also said that he believed Evangelista had intentionally gotten pregnant and he chose not to pay child support in the first year of Augie's life because she didn't ask for it.

Father and son's connection

Speaking to Elle Magazine, Pinault once revealed that he considered Augie to be an important member of his family. He said:

He is totally integrated within my family.

He also added that his daughter Valentina, who he had with Hayek, treated Augie like a brother.

Pinault's relationship with his son was not smooth-sailing in the beginning but after a few years, he did recognize Augie as his child and became a part of the boy's life.