Bizarre Fan Theory Claims Beth Chapman May Have Faked Her Death Based On Contradictory Information About Her Illness

Date August 23, 2019

On the 26th of June 2019, Duane 'Dog' Chapman revealed to the world via a Tweet, that his wife Beth had passed away.

According to ET Online, her health battles began in September 2017 when she told family and close friends that she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer.

At the time, she said she was determined to fight and conquer the condition. Speaking to US Weekly, Beth said she received the diagnosis after months of "nagging cough".

Soon after, she was declared cancer-free but by the end of November 2018, the disease had returned.

While speaking to SurvivorNet following her mother's death, Beth Chapman's daughter Bonnie, opened up about how hard it had been.

However, when talking about her mother's illness, Bonnie stated that Beth had died of lung cancer, which was a contradiction to previous reports that Beth passed away due to her battle with throat cancer.

In the interview, Bonnie did clarify that the cancer had spread from her throat to her lungs. She explained;

A lot of places have been reporting that she passed away to her throat cancer, but it was actually stage IV lung cancer in the end.

Her explanation, however, did not stop a fan's speculation that something could be amiss.

One Twitter user @MJs__Smile posted a series of Tweets giving reasons for the speculation that Beth Chapman may not really have died. The poster referenced a statement, which according to Fox News, was made by Beth's husband Duane.

Just moments after her death was confirmed, Beth's widower reportedly said;

Beth isn't dead, she's sleeping.

Fan theories like this aren't really unheard of especially when it comes to the death of a famous person. Do you agree with this particular one?