"It Was Hurtful." Elton John Gets Candid About His Pain After His Mother Refused To See Her Grandson

Date October 11, 2019

Elton John is well known as a famous singer but the 'Rocketman' has also gained attention for his personal life as well.

The 72-year-old is married to David Furnish and together they have two sons born via surrogacy. Speaking to the UK Sun about the joy of fatherhood, the singer confessed that being a dad is "fantastic."

A complicated relationship

Elton John didn't have the best of relationships with his now late mother Sheila Farebrother. Before she died, they had such a big feud that mother and son didn't talk for seven years.

In his autobiography Me, Elton John talked about how hurt he felt when his mother showed no interest in meeting his son.

Elton wrote that by the time his first child Zachary was born, he and his mother weren't speaking at all. At one point, a reporter asked Sheila how she felt about not getting to see her first grandchild.

She told him she wasn't bothered and that she'd never liked children.

Elton confessed that while "it was hurtful" to hear this, he found it funny that his mother didn't even try to win sympathy by coming up with a different answer. However, he appreciated the fact that Sheila chose to be completely honest.

Things got even worse between mother and son when the singer sacked his PA Bob Halley who Sheila happened to like very much.

Mum was absolutely livid when she heard Bob had left — they'd always got on well. She didn't want to hear my version of events, and told me that Bob had been more of a son to her than I'd ever been.

"It Was Hurtful." Elton John Gets Candid About His Pain After His Mother Refused To See Her GrandsonGetty Images / Ideal Image

The argument escalated quite quickly and ended with Elton and Sheila not speaking to each other for several years.

A proud dad

Though he may not have had the best parental influence, Elton is enjoying being a great father to his children.

The singer admitted, in an interview with the UK Mirror, to feeling so "let down" by his parents that he spent many decades searching for the love of "surrogate parents."

However, he finally found his need to be loved sated by giving so much love to his own children.

I have learned that a parent’s capacity for love is endless.

Zachary and Elijah have now become the biggest part of Elton's life. And despite his own difficult childhood, he has chosen to embrace this chance to be a father. And so far, he sounds like an incredible one.