Jamie Foxx Spotted Holding Hands With Pretty Young Model While Reported Girlfriend Kate Holmes Goes Solo In NYC

Date August 19, 2019 18:06

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes do have one of the most mysterious relationships in Hollywood.

These two have been notoriously private when it comes to their relationship. There's isn't the type of celeb couplehood where they display affection through kisses on the gram and PDAs on the red carpet.

They keep to themselves for the most part and details about their personal life hardly ever make their way to the blogosphere.

Despite not having much to go on, fans are still rooting for these two. But is their relationship headed for the rocks?

Jamie Foxx was recently spotted holding the hand of a young model and singer Sela Vave. Almost as soon as these photos surfaced, many people began wondering what was going on between Foxx and this lady. And others were worried that this could mean the actor's relationship with Katie was over.

It could all be an innocent interaction, though, as TMZ reported that Sela and Jamie have been hanging out together since last June. It's believed that the actor had taken the young lady under his wing and they have a sort of mentor-mentee relationship.

Sela has also posted a few photos of herself and Jamie. And in one of them, she appreciated him for "believing in me."

So where's Katie Holmes in all of these? Apparently, the actress is out and about in New York City, completely unfazed with the rumors and speculations. She was spotted strolling the streets solo in a casual outfit.

If Katie isn't worried, then fans probably have nothing to be concerned about either.