Mayte Garcia Says Her Ex-Husband Prince Rogers Nelson Hid Their 6-Day-Old Son's Demise And Burned Everything Including His Ashes

Date October 22, 2019 14:08

Mayte Garcia and Prince’s son was just 6 days old when he tragically died from complications of a rare genetic disorder. Now, the singer’s ex-wife is opening up about how Prince burned everything that reminded him of his son.

Prince and Mayte Garcia son’s death

The singer and Mayte were married for 4 years. Garcia a beautiful belly-dancer met Prince when she was just 16 years old. Despite he was twice her age that didn’t stop the couple from having a relationship by the time she turned 18.

Sadly, their four-year love affair didn’t survive after the death of two children. Their first son, Amiir Nelson was born with a rare genetic disorder and died six days after birth. Mayte became pregnant afterward but suffered a miscarriage three months in. The loss, unfortunately, tore the grieving couple apart.

How Prince hid his child’s demise

Mayte the ex-wife of the international superstar is opening up about how Prince hid the death of their son. In her book The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince, Garcia revealed that the singer burnt everything in their child’s nursey including the urn that contained his ashes after their split.

The dancer said all she wanted were the ashes of her son but couldn’t her ex-husband Garcia writes:

Eventually, a compassionate friend told me she’d heard about a troubling incident. Prince’s assistant was upset that he had been asked to burn everything in the house that reminded him of me and the baby, including the contents of the nursery - Amiir’s crib and toys and clothes and books- everything. I don’t think he ever got over it. I don’t know how anybody can get over it. I know I haven’t.

She finally became a mom

Back in 2013 Garcia’s dream to finally became a mom came true. She adopted her daughter, Gia. A viewer got in touch with her after she opened up on the loss of her son on a reality show. She said:

A woman watching my show was moved enough to reach out to me - through Twitter - about adopting her baby. I opened up about losing my son and in return I gained a daughter.

We can only imagine Mayte and Prince’s feelings as loss parents at that time. We are glad she now has Gia to add color to her life.

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