Vic Morrow's Only Daughter Admitted They Had A Difficult Relationship But She’s Following In Her Dad’s Acting Footsteps

Date August 20, 2019 09:49

Vic Morrow was an actor and director famous for his starring role in the TV series Combat! He is also remembered for playing the wily local sheriff in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and homicidal sheriff in The California Kid and The Take.

His marriage

The screen icon was married to actress and screenwriter Barbara Turner. Sadly, the marriage ended up in divorce after almost a decade. They had two daughters - Carrie Ann Morrow and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The actor and his daughter, Jennifer had a falling out shortly after his divorce from Barbara. She changed her last name from Morrow to Leigh to avoid being associated with the star. At the time of his death, they were estranged.

The only daughter

Vic and Barbara divorced when Jennifer was just 2 years old. Despite the fact that her family fell apart, she managed to build a name for herself in the Hollywood industry.

Though she followed in her dad’s acting footsteps, Jennifer admitted they a difficult relationship. In an interview with Guardian, the actress talked about her strained relationship with her father up until his death. She said:

We were not close. It’s hard. I don’t really talk about my father publicly, because there are a lot of people that really love him very, very much – his work as an actor. I don’t want to disabuse them [of] their admiration.

Vic’s daughter began her acting career in the 70s with her role as Stacy Hamilton in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Later she appeared in TV shows, as well as starred in many films including Miami Blues, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Backdraft, Single White Female, and Short Cuts.

Vic Morrow's Only Daughter Admitted They Had A Difficult Relationship But She’s Following In Her Dad’s Acting FootstepsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Upon receiving the news of her father’s death, Jennifer went into shock for a few hours. The actor died in a helicopter accident while filming a movie version of The Twilight Zone.

Their 2nd daughter died

Vic Morrow and Barbara Turner’s second daughter, Carrie Ann Morrow, died at the age of 58. When asked about her relationship with her sister, the actress said:

She was an addict. But a part of me obviously wanted to understand and know what it was like, but from a very safe distance. A lot of my pull towards acting was trying to understand my sister – and my father, for that matter.

Vic Morrow’s only daughter, Jennifer is all grown up and into an amazing woman. Moreover, she decided to follow in her famous father’s footsteps and has already made a name for herself in Hollywood.