Marie Osmond Says Her Biological Daughter Rachael Is Very "Similar" To Her As "She’s Never Satisfied"

Date October 23, 2019 17:16

Entertainer Marie Osmond has spent almost her entire life in the spotlight, but that doesn't mean it's always been easy.

Besides hosting multiple TV shows, performing in countless stage productions, and selling everything from dolls to diet products, Marie Osmond's hands are full with children and grandchildren!

Marie Osmond's daughter Rachael

The woman followed in her parents' footsteps and had a large family of eight children. She told Larry King that although five of her children were adopted, she loves all of them equally. Still, the woman recently intimated that her daughter Rachael is the one who is most "similar" to her.

Marie Osmond's daughter Rachael Krueger is her first biological child with her ex-husband Brian Bosil. Rachael was born on 19th August 1989 and she has the same "personality" as her famous mother.

“My daughter Rachael and I are very similar in a lot of ways,”

- she exclusively told Closer Weekly in a recent interview.

“She has that same personality that I have where she wants to know and do everything. She’s never satisfied. She just took a hair class and now she’s taking this class.”

On top of that, Rachel also seems to be very family-oriented and has her hands full with two children at home. Her first-born is a daughter and is named Rocket Jade Krueger. Rocket was born on 14th August 2015.

Rachael Krueger's family

Her second born is a son and his name is Wolf Storm Krueger. Wolf was born on 4th of July arriving in this world with all the fireworks going off on the skies. Rachael Krueger's daughter is very obsessed with her little brother just like she is and there is just too much love on the air that her family breathes.

Still, Marie Osmond, the proud mother of eight children loves her all children and grandchildren equally. They are the ones who Marie considers as her greatest energy and source of happiness.

Their friendly family can serve as a role model for many and we hope you also know the importance of family in life!

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