Sam Elliott Turns 75 Today! Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Moustachioed Man With The Golden Voice

Date August 9, 2019

Today we have a very special reason to remember you about one great mustachioed man with the golden voice. Sam Elliott turns 75!

Sam Elliott is an American actor famous for playing characters like General Ross in ‘Hulk’ (2003) and ‘The Caretaker in Ghost Rider’ (2007). Well-built, tall, and blessed with rugged good looks, he is often cast as cowboys and ranchers. His deep, resonant voice, thick mustache and Western drawl add to his charms as the quintessential on-screen American cowboy.

Though he was born on Aug. 9, 1944, in Sacramento, California, Elliott considered himself a Texan.

“I’m a sixth-generation Texan, even though I was born in California,”

- he told Parade Magazine.

Elliot knew from the time he was a child that he was meant to be an actor. He was an obstinate youngster who often got into arguments with his father who disapproved of his son’s choice of profession. As a college student, he played one of the leads in a stage production and received rave reviews for his performance. Soon he decided that he wanted to make it big in Hollywood.

And he made it!

People are really happy to have him in those great movies, including The Star Is Born.

Fans took to Twitter to congratulate the actor on his birthday:

We also wish a very happy birthday to our beloved actor!