Pig Over Family: George Clooney Dedicated 18 Years Of His Life To His 300-Pound Pig, Sharing One Bedroom And Travelling Together

Date September 10, 2019

Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes have pet pigs. Some of these celebrities adopted pot-bellied pigs, while others purchased micro pigs. For instance, Oscar-winning actor George Clooney lived with his pet pig, Max, for over 18 years before the beloved pet passed away in 2006.

George's 300-pounds best friend

The actor's ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis believes his loyalty to Max put him off marriage — and also having kids — for more than 20 years. The woman, in fact, intimated that George loved his pig so much that he even allowed him to sleep in his bed:

“He loved that pig like nothing else. It was the size of a table, absolutely huge. It had its own special pen and at night it would sleep on the floor right beside George’s bed. It got in that bed at times.They were so close it was like father and son."

Interestingly enough, Max has been blamed for bringing one more of Clooney's relationships to an end (the model Celine Balitran apparently got the wrong answer when she issued an "It's me or the pig" ultimatum). Clooney even took Max on a trip in John Travolta's private jet.

What happened to Max?

Although George felt devastated when Max died in 2006, it looks like his private life improved since that time.

The Oscar winner, who was the quintessential bachelor and proud of it, met Amal Alamuddin in 2013 and became a different man. A better man, as he tells it.

He walked down the aisle at 53 and 3 years later became a father to two gorgeous twins!

Today, from red carpet to royal wedding, this A-list couple makes hearts melt whenever they step out together. And who knows whether it would all happen if Max was still alive. Maybe a 300-pounds pig would not let his owner share his bed with someone else. Love for animals is great, but having a family is a bit cooler, isn't it?