Royals Are "Prime Targets For Kidnap And Assassination": Jameela Jamil Who Defends Harry And Meghan Using Private Planes Faces Backlash

Date August 22, 2019 17:44

Meghan Markle's birthday celebrations have turned into a national controversy. She and Prince Harry, along with son Archie, took trips to both Spain and France last week aboard private jets, prompting accusations of hypocrisy from fans.

Back in June, the couple called upon the public to do their part in saving the planet, but their trip to the French Riviera is estimated to have created seven times more carbon emissions per person than a commercial flight, and there are more than 20 scheduled flights from London airports to Nice each Wednesday.

Celebrities defend the royal couple

Although the couple made 3 environmentally damaging flights in just over a week, celebrities like Elton John, Pink and Jameela Jamil were quick to defend the royal couple.

Jameela, in fact, slammed the notion Meghan and Harry should be flying commercial, which is what many have demanded of them as a tax-funded family.

Her sentiments were supported by Meghan’s friend Jessica Mulroney, who shared them to her Instagram. She shared a message that read:

‘When someone faces unfair criticism, you call it out.

People's reaction

People. however, don't share Jameela's thoughts of the situation:

Well, the truth is that nothing Meghan and Harry do is ever good enough in the public eye. It must be really exhausting, especially when all you do is trying to make the world a better place.

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