"The Price Is Right" Star Rod Roddy Who Lost His Battle Against Rare Male Breast Cancer Said He "Could Have Prevented All This"

Date August 28, 2019

Robert Ray “Rod” Roddy, was known to the world as the colorful, bespangled announcer who for nearly 20 years invited lucky audience members to “come on down” and play television’s venerable game show “The Price is Right”.

Roddy's battle with cancer

But behind the scene, the flashy-dressed Roddy was battling with colon and breast cancer. He had been ill for more than two years and hospitalized for the last two months, but worked on the game show as long as he possibly could.

"Price is Right" host Bob Barker said everyone admired Roddy's courage and that he was important to the success of the show:

“The courage he showed during those difficult times was an inspiration to us all,”

Likewise, Roddy's longtime agent, Don Pitts said:

"He had such a strong spirit. He just wouldn't give up,"

Roddy, who was single, launched his television career when he became the narrator of ABC’s comedy Soap. He had a long history with game shows. He worked on "Whew!" and "Press Your Luck" on CBS and "Battle of the Stars" on NBC. Roddy also worked on "Love Connection" before joining "The Price Is Right".

Roddy underwent colon cancer surgery on Sept. 11, 2001, and had his left breast removed in March. Sadly, but chemotherapy failed to prevent a recurrence.

After his cancer was diagnosed, Roddy became a high-profile advocate for the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance.

“I could have prevented all this with a colonoscopy, and, of course, that’s the campaign I’ve been on since I had the first surgery,”

He said in an interview on the CBS Web site, adding:

“To everybody out there, ‘Get a mammogram!’ It can happen to men, too.”

Rod passed aways on Oct. 27, 2003, from colon and breast cancer at age 66.

Breast cancer, although more prevalent in women, is diagnosed in about 1,500 American men annually.

The major problem is that breast cancer in men is often diagnosed later than breast cancer in women. This may be because men are less likely to be suspicious of something strange in that area.

"The Price Is Right" Star Rod Roddy Who Lost His Battle Against Rare Male Breast Cancer Said He "Could Have Prevented All This"Sebastian Kaulitzki / Shutterstock.com

Signs and symptoms of male breast cancer can include:

  • A painless lump or thickening in your breast tissue
  • Changes to the skin covering your breast
  • Changes to your nipple, such as redness or scaling, or a nipple that begins to turn inward
  • Discharge from your nipple

Remember, that men diagnosed with male breast cancer at an early stage have a good chance for a cure. Don't neglect your health, keep yourself and your family safe!

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