Rowan Atkinson's Son Ben Travels To Nepal To Join One Of The Fiercest Soldiers On The Planet In Gurkha Army

Date October 22, 2019

The son of British comedian, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) has been recruited in The British Gurkha brigade.

Rowan Atkinson's son joined Gurkha army

The 26-year-old Benjamin Atkinson spent ten weeks in Nepal learning about Nepal’s culture, language and the recruitment process in order to join the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army.

“Ben learned Nepali Language very quickly, in a way that was surprising. Perhaps learning Arabic and Spanish beforehand helped him speak in Nepali dialect quickly,’

- wrote the British Gurkha Association newsletter, adding he was popular with local women.

Along with language, he has also learned Nepali folk songs and dances like "Uthyo, Basyo."

In addition to learning the language, Rowan Atkinson's son underwent a 10-week training and was introduced to the culture of the Gurkhas, which is a special unit of the British Army that contributed to the war effort during the two world wars.

Ben Atkinson's military career

Benjamin was the first child of Rowan, and after he grew up, instead of getting into acting like his father, Benjamin went to Military school.

Benjamin went to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where some of the Royals graduated from. Admission to the Academy is considered to be an achievement, and Benjamin was accepted in 2016 with him joining the class, previously attended by Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Henry, and Prince Edward.

After finishing his education at the Academy, he was assigned to be one of the honor guards during the French President Emanuel Macron's first visit to the UK.

Benjamin is now one of the Gurkhas officers, who considered to be the toughest soldiers in the world!

We are pretty sure he could not be any more proud, which is probably the case with his sister and famous parents.

Becoming a fighter is not every person’s cup of tea! Congratulations to this brave man on his incredible achievement and all the best for his future!

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