Brody Jenner Defends His Ex-Wife After Backlash Over Miley Cyrus Kiss: "I Feel The Need To Set The Story Straight"

Date August 19, 2019 18:10

Many fans were surprised when The Hills: New Beginnings star Brody Jenner and blogger Kaitlynn Carter announced their split in August 2019.

Kaitlynn Carter faces backlash

Likewise, not even hours after the announcement of Miley Cyrus' break up with her husband, she was seen kissing Kaitlynn Carter on a boat in Italy.

Interestingly, Kaitlynn and Brody announced their split about a week before Miley and Liam.

Although the two women seem to be happy together and might be getting serious Kaitlynn has been getting a lot of hate from all around.

Another user added:

Brody Jenner defends his ex-wife

To clear the air on what he could, Brody addressed the issue on Instagram.

He wrote,

"There is far too much negativity being directed at someone who I love and care about very much. I feel the need to set the story straight."

The man admitted that Kaitlynn has been his best friend for 6 years already and she still remains very dear person in his life. Brody, like a real gentleman, defended Kaitlynn saying that she deserves "to be able to move forward in her life with respect and happiness".

Kaitlynn, in fact, replied to the post with a simple heart emoji.

It's not the first time Brody, 35, has said something about the kiss. After pictures of the newly-single women kissing in Lake Como emerged, Brody shared a snap of himself stood at the top of a cliff in Malibu with the ocean behind him and said:

"Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today."

His Hills co-star Brandon Lee suggested:

"Let’s round this scandal out and post a pic of us making out"

Brody jokingly replied:

"watch out! Pics of Liam and I holding hands on the beach coming soon"

And it seemed Miley wasn't too pleased about his joke.

She replied:

"Go take a nap in your truck and cool off."

Though Miley and Kaitlynn's relationship status is ambiguous at best, Brody seems to have already moved on. He was recently spotted with model Josie Canseco.

Well, we hope all of them are happy with the choices they made. Stay tuned for the latest updates!