Katy Collins, 32-Year-Old Ex-MMA Fighter Passes Aways Following Brain Aneurysm, Leaving Behind Her 2 Young Sons

Date September 27, 2019 13:01

Former MMA fighter Katy Collins, 32, died Wednesday after suffering a brain aneurysm, her coach announced on Facebook.

Collins suffered the brain aneurysm last Friday, which caused a stroke and seizures.

“The fight is over,”

JT Tilley said.

“You never stopped fighting and we never gave up on you. Just wasn’t in the cards.…I’ve always been so proud of you Kate. We did it. I was honored to be able to live your dream with you. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I will miss you more than the world will ever know.”

Collins, a three-fight Bellator veteran, went 7-5 as she fought for several organizations during her career. Collins, who is survived by her two sons, started as an amateur in August 2011 before turning professional in May 2015 winning her debut by the first-round knockout under the Branson Brawl banner.

She went 2-1 in US organization Bellator, beating Michelle Royer and Bruna Vargas, and losing to Emily Ducote. Collins’ sister, Kimberley, wrote in a Facebook post last weekend that an initial medical procedure did not work.

She was described by friends who set up a GoFundMe page as "young and strong and full of life and love" and "a loving, caring, selfless individual with a huge heart".

MMA veteran Heather Hardy was also among those to pay their respects:

The woman ended her career as part of Legacy Fighting Alliance and the memory of her will always go on living in people's hearts!

Our thoughts and prayers go to the family during this hard time of their lives.