Alex Rodriguez Says All The Exes Will Be Invited To His & J-Lo's Wedding: "The More The Merrier"

Date September 11, 2019

It's been months since Alex Rodriguez proposed to his beau, Jennifer Lopez in the Bahamas. He bent down on one knee to present her with a 16-carat diamond ring which is worth $4.5 million. Their relationship was tested over time but, they remained impervious to all rumors.

The former Yankee star was accused of infidelity by his own mate Jose Canseco. He claimed that A-Rod had an affair with his ex-wife, Jessica. The speculations didn't stop there, J-Lo's beloved was then attacked by model Zoe Gregory. She warned the singer of her fiance's discreet nature and his tendency to cheat.

The wedding is still on!

Despite all that, Jennifer doesn't have any trust issues. In fact, the couple is currently planning their nuptials. To our surprise, they won't be too cautious while making the guest-list. All of the pair's exes will be welcomed to join the celebration of their love. On September 10, the ESPN host revealed that in an interview to GMA 3: Strahan, Sara, and Keke, saying:

I would say exes invited to wedding. All inclusive. The more the merrier.

After this, Alex went on to share some more details of his and J-Lo's impending wedding. The menu will include "ballpark franks" in honor of his baseball pals. Moreover, Jen's slow dance won't be choreographed and they will just live in the moment. Rest of the arrangements will be his fiance's responsibility and he'd just nod yes to her.

What's the delay?

Everyone is looking forward to Alex and J-Lo's nuptials. They are always talking about it but, until now, no plans have been put into action. What's taking them so long to officiate their union? The songster explained to Evening Standard Magazine:

I have a movie I’m shooting in October ['Marry Me' with Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman] and the movie has an album that goes with it, so I’m just a little bit busy right now, and until October, he has the World Series in baseball.

So, it seems their wedding is in cards for late 2019 or next year. Out of excitement, we hope it happens soon. Finger crossed!