"She Is Beautiful": Amy Roloff Gushed Over Granddaughter Ember While Wishing Happy 2nd Birthday To Her

Date September 11, 2019 15:16

Amy Roloff has rediscovered herself after divorcing her partner of three decades, Matt Roloff. She got the chance to fall in love again and cherish life with Chris. Her focus on the family has also been heightened. Her grandchildren, Ember and Jackson, are the ones bagging most of her love and stealing her time.

Celebrity grandma is a functional part of her next generation. She nourishes them with her attention and loves to have fun with her precious ones. Previously, Amy admitted she can't get enough of little Ember. She captioned in the Instagram post:

Always love hanging out with my grand-daughter Ember reading and playing. I could do this all day long.

Happy birthday to you!

Jeremy and Audrey's daughter, Ember Jean Roloff was born on September 10, 2017. Means it's time for the baby girl to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Her mother paid a special tribute to her on Instagram along with cutesy photos. She wrote:

She lights up any room with her warm and fiery presence🔥

Our little Ember Jean girlsie is T W O today. She lights up any room with her warm and fiery presence🔥 She loves to sing (especially Jesus loves me - swipe right for video clip🤣), read her books to her babies, go for bike rides and mule rides, play in her kitchen, climb any kind of ladder or rock wall, kick kick kick in the pool, pick and smell flowers, and eat cheese. She always wants to hold your hand and guide you to what she wants to do with an excited “Fow me!” = follow me. She loves to pray for her friends at night before bed and goes through the list of “thank you mama, thank you dada, thank you papa, and two papas, thank you gigi, thank you mimi... etc” When we leave the room after putting her down at night she yells “nigh nigh eyeee youuuu!!!” on repeat until we yell back “night night I love you too!”😍 She loves animals (both stuffed and real) but especially loves her pink fox that she sleeps with - but if fox falls out of her crib in the morning we will hear her yelling “uh oh fox!” Except she pronounces fox like an inappropriate word with a British accent...🤣🙈 She thinks it’s hilarious when she toots now, is very into spinning and making herself dizzy, wants to brush her own teeth and out on her own pants, prefers to be barefoot always, and sticks out her tounge for me to kiss it better when she bites it🤣 If someone is sad or gets an owie she is so quick to offer a hug/kiss and then say “blow” and show you how to take deep breaths😜 Her personality is so full of color and it’s the greatest joy to watch it come more to life. I cannot believe it’s been two years since that morning I held her for the first time in hospital room 320 - the Always More room😉 Ember Jean I love you more than so could have ever imagined. Happy birthday to my forever baby girl💗

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Granny Amy also tossed a dedication for her beloved Ember on social media. She shared snaps of herself and birthday girl together. They ate cupcakes and had quality time in the lawn where Ember did test-driving of her new bicycle. The grandmother gushed about her princess:

She is beautiful, adorable, funny, smart and a whole lot of fun. Grandkids- they keep bringing out the kid in me 😄. Love it!

Her followers joined the celebration and also suggested to whom Ember resembles the most


She’s got the best grandma!


Looks just like daddy ❤️


Happy birthday to sweet Ember. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since she came into this world.


She looks like you!!!!

Many happy returns of the day to Jeremy and Audrey's baby. She's growing up so fast! Share this and congratulate Ember on being an absolute joy for her family for two entire years.