We Need You: Marie Osmond Lost 50 Lbs & Started Living A Healthy Life For Her 8 Children's Sake

Date October 4, 2019 18:04

Marie Osmond grew up in a huge family. She is the only sister of eight brothers. They musically collaborated throughout their lives and made history.

After being so closely involved, they all naturally had the best interests for each other. If one went wrong, the others supported and mended his/her ways. Marie has managed to pass on the same trait onto her next generation.

The 59-year-old singer is a proud mother of eight children: Stephen, Rachael, Matthew, Jessica, Brandon, Michael, Brianna, and Abigail. Out of them all, three are her biological broods. Marie's blended family is her greatest strength.

Wake-up call

Marie Osmond left a testimony on NutriSystem website. It mentioned a tough time she endured due to poor health. She was visibly overweight and out of shape. Her joints ached and the progressing age took its toll on her spirit too. The mother-of-8 wasn't feeling good about herself as her confidence collapsed.

In 2007, she fainted during a dance rehearsal while on Dancing With The Stars. Her kids become extremely worried and requested her to change her lifestyle. They gave her a subtle warning out of their fear of losing her, saying:

Mom, you're going to die, we need you. Please lose the weight.

For the love of her wondrous kids, Marie went on to lose 50 lbs and embrace a healthy regime. She got back on track and took control of her self-esteem to proceed with her competitive career.

The emotional struggle

In 2010, her fourth-oldest child, Michael killed himself after jumping from a building. Reportedly, he was battling depression and was exposed to addictive drugs as well. Marie fell into deep despair after losing him. Even now, she misses him sorely and remembers him as her sweet baby.

Marie is an inspiration to many women for making it through storms and thunders. Share this and give a shoutout to the amazing lady.