"Haircut Will Never Fix Her Problems": Ivanka Trump Slammed By Fans For Her Brand-New Bob

Date September 4, 2019

The First Daughter of America kickstarted September with a brand new style statement. On Monday, she arrived in Bogota to address the issue of economic female empowerment.

As soon as Ivanka got out of the plane, all eyes glued at her. Some were in awe of her while others found reasons to slam her.

President Trump's daughter debuted a bob that made her look more sleek and smart than ever. Her golden locks were trimmed to perfection just above her shoulders. Even Ivanka's outfit was spaces away from her usual attires. This time there was no full-sleeved sophistication, but, only sleeveless glamour.

The target of internet roasting

Social media users took this opportunity to slam the gorgeous lady. The commentators turned it into a political debate and undermined her capabilities to sit in the Oval Office.

While one mocked her by pointing to her presumed problems, the other bashed her renewed clothing taste. They said that Ivanka has finally worn out her act of looking modest and now, showing her real self. Another naysayer mentioned that it's a trick to look mature and authoritative.

The latest fashion mania

People might have made it a political debate, but in reality, short haircuts are just the newest trend. From Hollywood celebrities to locals stylist, bobs have become a fashion epidemic.

The pop-star, Jennifer Lopez also followed this craze. She waved goodbye to her decades-old long mane and embraced the modern do.

Let's not criticize women for their personal preferences and body choices. Ivanka looks beautiful with that bob anyway. Don't you agree?