"I Love Myself": Saoirse Kennedy Hill's Untimely Death Made Maria Shriver See Herself As A Survivor

Date September 4, 2019

In August, Saoirse Kennedy Hill passed away at the young age of 22. She happens to be the daughter of Maria Shriver's cousin, Courtney. The journalist aunt got terribly disturbed by her niece's untimely death. However, eventually, she came to terms with the hollowing grief.

The granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy was found lifeless at the family’s mansion in Massachusetts. The cause of her sudden passing was not revealed immediately. Many reports suggest she took her own life by prescribed-drugs overdose. The incident shook the entire Kennedy clan.

A moment of truth

In her Sunday newsletter, Maria revealed the series of feelings she went through. Exactly 10 days after Saorise's demise, her aunt climbed on a mountain in Utah. It was also the death anniversary of her mother, Eunice Kennedy. Soon, a wave of pain ran through the ex-First Lady of California and she started crying to no end.

She sobbed for her cousin's tragedy who is a childless mother now. Then, Maria recalled her own sadness: parting ways from her partner of 3 decades, mourning her deceased parents and separation from grownup children. After clearing out her system, she came upon a revelation as she soaked herself in the stillness.

Maria discovered she is a survivor and let herself believe a new truth. She wrote:

It allowed me to realize that I was proud of myself for so many things. It allowed me to even realize that I love myself. Sitting there alone, I felt all that I am, instead of all that I am not. I felt it for perhaps the first time ever.

The cry for help

Saoirse Hill was only 16-year-old when she first admitted to having depression. In her school newspaper, she submitted an essay that pointed to her deep despair. Someone had broken sexual boundaries with her. The young girl pretended it never happened but, the roots of that disaster engulfed her whole.

We wish Maria healing from this inconsolable trauma, Our prayers go out to Saoirse's family who will miss her forever.