'She Got To Our Hearts And Made Us Cry;' Mom's Life Gets Turned Upside Down By Birth Mother In Private Adoption Scam

Date October 29, 2019 11:50

Today, Jeannine Morris-Lombardi and Joe Lombardi are happy parents to a beautiful little girl named Amaya. But before this little one came into their lives, they were put through the wringer as they tried to adopt a baby.

Jeannine on her private adoption scam

In an interview with People, Jeannine opened up about wanting to pursue adoption, even long before she and Joe got married in 2014.

Instead of going through an adoption agency, Jeannine and her husband decided to invest the time and money and went the private adoption route. The couple became even more desperate for a baby after they lost their first biological daughter who was stillborn when the mom was 32 weeks pregnant.

Jeannine and Joe took matters into their own hands and became responsible for finding their baby. They campaigned across social media platforms and even set up a website complete with their contact details in hopes of communicating with pregnant women who were looking to give up their babies for adoption. But there were some downsides.

The thing is, when you do a private adoption, you’re the ones dealing with the bull****. We went through six months of speaking to 16 different women — or so we thought — trying to figure out who was serious about it.

Things got weird and confusing when they met an Instagram user claiming to be Ashley. She reached out and told the couple that she was 16 years old, pregnant and looking to give the baby up. The Lombardis got emotionally close to this young girl.

(Ashley) was always crazy. But we thought we were dealing with a troubled, bipolar young girl who was in a really difficult situation, and we had compassion for her.

For four months, Jeannine and Joe's lives were turned upside down as they did everything possible to accommodate this girl. It wasn't that Ashley wanted the couple's money. According to Jeannine, the young girl simply wanted their time and emotional investment even though she had no plans of letting the Lombardis adopt her baby.

There’s one person who got to our hearts and made us cry all the time and it was Ashley.

They would often talk to Ashley for three to four hours straight and the young girl would scream whenever they tried to hang up. It was an emotional rollercoaster like the couple had never experienced before.

Eventually, after months of backs and forths, Jeannine and Joe simply couldn't take it anymore, they gave up the private adoption process

The couple decided to pursue adoption through an agency and eventually, an Arizona birth mother contacted them to say she wanted them to adopt her baby girl. This was how Amaya came into their lives.

Adoption tips

Having a baby through adoption has its challenges. According to Parents, it's important to arm yourself with information about the process, go through experts or agencies, carefully consider your options and remain positive.

Things may not move as quickly as you'd like but it will all be worth it when a child comes into your heart and home.

Jeannine and Joe's story may sound scary for those considering adoption. But just like they had their happy ending, it's also possible for you to have yours. The important thing is to be patient, careful and to have faith that it will all work out.

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