Kate Hudson Goes Matchy-Matchy With Her 10-Month-Old Daughter, Who Showed Off Her Adorable Toothless Smile

Date August 9, 2019

Kate Hudson's life changed to 180 when she gave birth to only daughter Rani Rose from her boyfriend, David Fujikawa.

As a mom of two sons, the Hollywood actress had one parenting perception, but as a mother of the daughter, everything requires different things. However, Hudson has one equal approach to all her children β€” a genderless one.

Hudson posted several adorable photos going matchy-matchy with her beautiful daughter. The two happened to don beige linen dresses with a chic brownish ornament.

You can notice how Rani looks like an angel, smiling from cheek to cheek and showcasing her toothless mouth.

Rani Rose is already 10 months old! The bundle of joy looks such a grown-up, though we still remember that tiny human being in Kate's arms after the childbirth.

People loved this cute bab girl just like we did


Oh come on with the everything delicious 😍😍😍


oh my god. I can’t handle how cute this is! πŸ’“πŸ’“


Ahhhhh! The cutest matchy matchy!!✨✨✨


O MY GOODNESS STOP THE CUTENESS I can’t handle it!!!!! Who would have ever dreamed 15 yrs later we have our girls!!!!πŸ’•

We do think the 10-month-old resembles her dad David more and more. What about you?