Future Opera Star! A Teen 'America's Got Talent' Contestant, Emanne Beasha, Wins Golden Buzzer For Her Impeccable Talent

Date August 7, 2019 16:44

Young contestants are taking over America's Got Talent.

We'd like to introduce a teen prodigy, Emanne Beasha. This soon-to-be 11-year-old girl is American/Jordanian singer, who has already won the fifth season of the program Arabs Got Talent.

Beasha began singing at two years old, and when her parents discovered her indescribable talent, the girl began to sing opera in Italian at the age of six.

Emanne auditioned for Season 14 of America's Got Talent in 2019. She sang Nessun Dorma and received four 'yesses' from the judges.

On August 6, 2019, the teen girl appeared on the fourth episode of America’s Got Talent’s Judge Cuts with guest judge Jay Leno. After having sung opera song Caruso, she received his Golden Buzzer which helped her to move on to compete in the quarter-finals live shows.

Jay Leno was so impressed by Emanne's skills that he even came to the stage to give a very big, sincere hug to the elated opera star.

Frankly speaking, her singing skills gave us goosebumps and we suggest you watch over and over again. Indeed, such talent is from God!

People supported Jay Leno's Golden Buzzer


I normally don’t like when singers get golden buzzers but this young lady deserved it! She’s amazing!!


Genius, gifted child who deserved it 💯


Absolutely stunning voice!


By far the best of the night! Well deserved! Honestly, she should have gotten it at her audition.

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