Kelly Clarkson Talks About Her Health Scare After Emergency Appendectomy For The First Time: "I Was Freaking Out"

Date August 29, 2019

We are not sure you know about Kelly Clarkson's immediate surgery in May but she had her appendix removed just hours after hosting the Billboard Music Awards.

The pop singer confirmed the news via her Twitter account, stating she "nailed the surgery early this morning, and feeling awesome now!"

On August 28, Kelly Clarkson got candid for the first time about a terrifying incident, leading her to the emergency room earlier this year. Indeed, she reassured her followers she was fine, but what fans didn't know is that the pop diva ended up back in the hospital a week later.

The 37-year-old told PEOPLE she felt acute pain days after the emergency appendectomy while on the set of The Voice.

That was more painful than appendicitis. I was freaking out.

She said nobody knew what she felt that day as she tried to push her pain away but when it became unbearable, Clarkson told her fellow coach Blake Shelton that "something is wrong."

She recalled how she rushed to the hospital after the show to deal with serious pain to the magazine:

I had a giant cyst explode on my ovary! I was hysterically laughing and crying in the ER like, 'What is happening?'

Albeit, Kelly Clarkson concluded she is "totally great now."

Suffice it to say, the Piece By Piece hitmaker has had a fantastic year. She's been thriving in her career and has managed to lose 20 lbs. She previously had some issues with the thyroid which didn't allow Kelly to be totally fine and healthy.

Thankfully, she's doing alright right now, and we wish her blessings and great well-being!