"She Quite Literally Choked On Her Cancer": Beth And Duane's Daughter Recalls Horrifying Details Of Mother's Last Moment

Date August 22, 2019

We know that Beth Chapman's passing shook many people out there. She was known as a sweet-hearted, courageous, and strong human being.

Beth's life was cut short on June 26, 2019, when she lost her long battle with throat and lung cancer. The entire family was mourning their mother, wife, and friend in all possible ways but they surely know that her spirit will always follow them anywhere they go.

Beth and Duane's daughter Bonnie Chapman opened up to SurvivorNet about the painful and horrifying details of losing her mother to cancer, explicitly claiming that the head of the family "quite literally choked on her cancer."

Before the family called 911 and Beth was put into a medically induced coma that night, she called her husband and said, "Look at me."

My mom was naked in the bathroom and told my dad to look at her. And he goes, ‘I am looking at you.’ And she goes, ‘No, look at me.’ And then she was standing there and she started gasping, and my sister came into the room and they called 911 immediately. And that was the last moment that we really saw her completely conscious.

Bonnie added that her late mother had said other "last words" from the hospital within the following few days, but that moment in the bathroom was the last time Beth was fully awake.

Beth and Duane's youngest child concluded that painful memory has since weighed on Dog, who admitted he hadn’t been able to come back to Hawaii (where this occurred) since his other half tragically passed away.

The Dog and Beth: On the Hunt star was cremated per her last wish. At the beginning of July 2019, family members and close friends came to Beth's memorial service which took place in Hawaii as she wanted.

Duane Chapman said Hawaii always took a special place in Beth’s heart.

The Chapmans have been through a lot during their life, but the biggest pain will always be the loss of their beloved Beth.