Jason Momoa's Lookalike Son Nakoa-Wolf Has The Same Smoldering Look And Undeniable Charm As His Famous Dad

Date August 6, 2019

Genetics are super powerful and we will never stop being surprised at how children and parents can look alike.

Jason Momoa looks like the toughest man alive, but he is a total opposite to his on-screen characters and hunk-like appearance. The Aquaman star has the softest spot for his dearest family and always turns into a little kid when he gushes over them.

Momoa found happiness when he tied the knot with Lisa Bonet. The woman gave birth to two beautiful children, daughter Lola and son Nakoa-Wolf.

Interestingly, the couple is dated to become together in 2005, though they officially became married only in 2017. It is unknown how it is possible, but their amazing relationship blindsided everyone, so nobody actually thought of their non-marital status until the official statement two years ago.

The separate attention admittedly requires Jason's lookalike son. Mini-me Jason Momoa's ten-year-old kid looks exactly like his handsome and charming dad.

Thanks to the Hollywood actor's Instagram profile, we can see numerous photos of his children, so it wasn't really hard to find several photos of father and son to showcase you how ideally Nakoa-Wolf resembles his parent.

Though some fans think Lola is Jason's spitting image, we would rather say she looks more like mother Lisa, but Nakoa-Wolf is Jason's young version — 100% the young boy will look just like his good-looking father.

Lola has the mother's skin color, facial features, and hair color. On the same page, Nakoa-Wolf features father's hair color, and the overall facial traits, too.

In other words, both Lola and Nakoa-Wolf are Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa's exact copies! How cool!