Roger Moore's Oldest Son, Geoffrey, Shares Why His Father Walked Away From Bond At 58: "He Was Kissing Leading Ladies In Their Twenties!”

Date October 4, 2019

Sir Roger Moore was one of the most iconic James Bond characters for the 007 franchise. Though the bar was set high by Sir Sean Connery, the actor lived up to the legend of his character. From 1973 to 1985 he starred in seven Bond films.

His son

The legendary actor who died back in 2017 is survived by three children – one daughter, and two sons. Geoffrey is Sir Roger’s second child and first son from his third marriage, to Italian actress Luisa Mattioli.

Geoffrey followed in the footsteps of his famous father and became an actor. He tried small roles in a number of films but eventually decided to try something else. He opened a restaurant in London which was a success.

Walking away from Bond

Roger's son, Geoffrey is opening up on why his father walked away from the iconic role at the age of 58. The late actor's son believes his father’s decision to leave was right because he was too old to continue flirting with leading ladies in their twenties.

Moore’s wandering eye resulted in a one-night stand with Grace Jones and romance with Tanya Roberts. In an interview MailOnline, Geoffrey said:

He was kissing leading ladies and they were in their twenties,’ ‘Plus, they’d already found a substitute.

The iconic actor retired from the franchise after completing his 7th and final film, A View To A Kill.

Signs from beyond the grave

Deborah Moore, daughter of the legendary actor opened up on how her late father is always looking out for her from beyond the grave. The actress recalled one of the times she got a sign while rushing to Sainsbury’s store.

There was no one in the street and this little Japanese man in his trainers came up to me with this mobile phone. He started pointing at it, going, ‘MI5, MI5, James Bond, James Bond, MI5?’

Sir Roger Moore’s family continues to make sure his legacy lives on.