Body Positive Advocate & Singer Lizzo Was Shamed By Instagram Follower For "Using Her Body To Get Attention"

Date August 14, 2019 10:59

Singer Lizzo will continue to be unapologetic about herself and would not allow anyone to bring her down. The plus-sized beauty recently clapped back at a troll who accused her of using her physique to get attention.

Who is Lizzo?

Born Melissa Viviane Jefferson, the 31-year-old is a singer, rapper, and actress popularly known as Lizzo. Asides from her music she is well known for playing the flute.

She began her music career in Houston, Texas. Lizzo released two studio albums, Lizzobangers, and Big Grrrl Small World before signing with Atlantic Records. The singer was named by Time magazine as one of 14 music artists to watch in 2014.

Lizzo slams online troll

The actress is not here for anyone trying to put her down because of her physique. She continues to own her identity no matter what.

Recently a troll sent Lizzo a DM on Instagram accusing the singer of using her body to get attention. She didn’t hesitate to call out the troll and shared a screenshot of the DM on her page.

The singer captioned the post: "Somebody come get this girl, I think she got lost in my DMs.”

From the message, the troll shared a video of what appears to be the singer twerking with several other women and wrote:

Lol I don't mind this. It's when she talks all ghetto I don't like. And what's with her talking about woman power but doing the exact opposite by objectifying them by only using her body to get attention. Isn't that defeating the purpose lol.

Fortunately, Lizzo’s post garnered dozens of sympathetic replies in the comments section. Fans came to her defense, and it looks like the cruel troll had no more words.

This is what fans had to say


I’m not sure what she’s looking at but I’m looking at power. You’re beautiful and the world is yours


Woman power is doing exactly what you want with your body without putting other women down because they choose to do differently with theirs


We all know she at home trying to twerk in the mirror tho


So plus size woman not showing their bodies to inspire other girls to be comfortable in their own skin isn't woman empowerment?

Lizzo’s clap back is a fair warning to all trolls. Better think twice before you cross her or it might get prickly fast.