Health Update: ‘All My Children’ Star Susan Lucci Talks About Her State After Emergency Heart Surgery

Date August 9, 2019 15:14

Heart disease is one of the major health issues that we face. In fact, cardiovascular disease takes the lives of 1 in 3 women every year. But we are happy to disclose how actress Susan Lucci is doing now after she experienced a near heart attack.

Life-threatening experience

All My Children star Susan Lucci was hospitalized year ago because of a heart attack. The actress’s health problems began last fall when she felt a strange tightness in her chest but wrote it off to tiredness.

Unfortunately, the strange feeling came back but this time it sent her to the emergency room. It happened when she was shopping, and the store manager took her to a hospital that was close. The doctor stated that if Susan went home, she could have suffered a major heart attack or even passed away.

Susan talks about her latest health update

The actress is giving her fans an update about her health after having emergency heart surgery last year while nearly suffering a severe heart attack.

As a guest on Today show, Susan Lucci noted that she did not have a heart attack. However, a year after her surgery, Susan said: “I’m doing great. I really feel wonderful."

The actress had surgery after experiencing about three rounds of chest pain and doctors detected a massive blockage in her main artery.

The soap opera star urged women to make sure they stay heart smart by listening to their bodies. She said:

It’s just so important to know your body and listen to your symptoms. If something feels that it’s not right, call your doctor, go to the hospital.

Activewear launch

Aside from being a successful opera star, Susan Lucci has been a Pilates-lover for over 20 years, and still works out every day. Now, she is putting her workout knowledge to the test with her own line of activewear.

She launched her very first athletic wear collection with QVC called the Susan Lucci Collection. The activewear includes tanks, leggings, and jackets ranging from $40 to $70.

We are grateful Susan Lucci is back to good health now.