Cameron Douglas "Walked On Eggshells" In Dad Michael's Presence: The Strained Relationship Made Him Drug-Addled

Date October 23, 2019 16:27

Michael Douglas' son Cameron had his life riddled as a youngster. He spent nearly 8 years in jail for drug-dealing offenses before regaining freedom in 2016. The celebrity child has penned a candid memoir to shed light on his inner demons and a difficult relationship with his father.

His step-mom, Catherine Zeta-Jones showed pride when he publically bared his wounds. She sent him support through an Instagram post. The caption read:

Tuesday my stepson Cameron’s book is released. Long Way Home. A poignant, honest, cathartic and at times terrifying memoir. I am so proud of you Cam and I love you with all my heart.

Spoiled by Hollywood royalty

Cameron Douglas' addiction was the result of emotional pressure to emulate or outdo his famous parent. Despite marrying the king of Hollywood, his mother Diandra Luker hated the hedonistic world of showbiz. He revealed in his book that aggression ran in the family. Luker escaped it but as Michael's son Cam couldn't.

As a teenager, Cameron was terrified of provoking his father Michael's rage. Their strained relationship made him even develop a nervous tick, frequently curling his hair into corkscrews. The damaged son says:

At the dinner table, if I reached for the salt and accidentally knocked over my glass, he'd explode with anger or else brood silently, his jaw clenched. When he was around, I walked on eggshells.

People feel for his pain

Social media users offered all kinds of opinions. They mentioned Cameron's tale to be a classic example of how rich parents fail their children. The commentators hope the father-son duo has bonded again and junior Douglas can stay clean for good.


I think having a famous family in the spotlight plus the pressure and expectations to follow in their footsteps was too much pressure plus the personal family problems etc

@Tornado lady:

Michael was a narcissist - I hope, for Camerons sake, that hes changed!


Classic example of how being rich doesn't buy love. He needed his parents, but was raised by the help. Seen it at a rich boarding school I taught at in the UK.


From what I've seen, Michael deeply loves his son Cameron. This must gnaw at his soul and wrench at his heart daily.


Sounds like Cameron was failed by his parents. I hope he stays clean and do right by his baby girl.


Maybe his Dad wasnt an amazing "role model" but i dont think its fair to blame his status on his Dad. We all gotta make choices in this life.

Michael Douglas had previously expressed his grief over almost losing his son. He cares for his child but, maybe not in a conventional sense. Share this and wish Cameron all the best. He's a survivor!