'Mad About You' Star Helen Hunt Hospitalized After A Crash That Flipped Her Car In Los Angeles

Date October 17, 2019 12:51

It's always disturbing to hear about celebrity mishaps. Helen Elizabeth Hunt got herself into a fatal one. Mostly, drugs and alcohol are cited in incidents but, hers was just pure miscalculation.

In Hollywood, Helen has coined her name as a successful actress, director, and screenwriter. Her biggest claim to fame is portraying Jamie Buchman in the comedy series, Mad About You that aired from 1992 to1999 on NBC. She bagged 3 Golden Globe Awards and 4 Emmy Awards (Primetime) for delivering an outstanding performance in the sitcom.

The violent crash

TMZ has learned from law enforcement of Los Angeles that Hunt's vehicle was flipped sideways on Tuesday, October 15. She was the only passenger in the SUV with a driver. They thought it was okay to cross the intersection but, at the last second got clipped by another car.

Helen was conscious when transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills. She had a complaint of pain. Fortunately, the actress was released only a few hours later. Her representative informed that she was indeed shaken, but suffered no significant injuries.

People hope she gets well soon

@Peggy Martin Mobley:

Praying for fast recovery.. Hope she is well. I liked her in that TV show.

@Margaret Harrington:

Sending prayers to Helen Hunt, get well soon.

@Sabrina Stender Dang:

glad she's ok. My car flipped over all the way to the roof with my husband and 2 year old. The only one I cared for about getting checked out was my daughter at the hospital. The next day me and my husband saw our dr.

@Angela Hause:

Looks like her driver ran a stop sign :( I'm glad she's ok.

@Dielise Fernandes:

Thank god, it doesn't look so bad. I hope she is ok

That's another reminder of heeding road safety. Never go hurriedly, make sure the way is clear for not just your vehicle but, the others who are in your side lane. Share this and send your regards to Helen Hunt.