Daisy Lowe Gets Candid About How Ex-Boyfriend Once Followed Her To The Shower Just To Fat-Shame Her

Date October 22, 2019 16:20

As a stunning and successful fashion model, it's had to imagine Daisy Lowe coping with body-shamers. This is a lady who has been a part of editorial photoshoots, ad campaigns and has even been featured in some of the biggest fashion shows.

It's easy to assume she has it all but like many women, she knows what it's like to date a very mean person.

Daisy Lowe talks boyfriend drama

People who keep track of Daisy Lowe's news may not be aware of a particular boyfriend drama she once faced.

She spoke to former Spice Girl Mel B recently on an episode of The Truth Flirts podcast. Here she recounted how an ex-boyfriend was so cruel that he tried to fat-shame her.

Daisy said that at the time, she was on medication that caused her to put on weight and his comment let her know the relationship needed to be over.

The model went on to say that this ex was in a bad mood one day and she decided to leave him to it and go take a shower. Apparently, the boyfriend didn't like what she said so he followed her.

He pointed at me and said "you’re so disgusting you need to lose weight so you can get work.'

This was the last straw for Daisy.

I was like you know what, we’re done. You and me, over, bye!

While sharing another story about the same man, Daisy explained that she once broke out in hives in reaction to a spicy meal so she went to her boyfriend's for some company and care.

Rather than sympathy, the guy spent all night being paranoid that he would catch the hives.

He slept in full pyjamas with mittens, socks… woke up every hour to switch on the lights to check he hadn’t caught it!'And I was like "dude your ego is out of control!'

Who is Daisy Lowe's boyfriend now?

The model has since moved on from this relationship and was recently spotted with musician Jack Peñate.

The two have also been pictured leaving an Esquire party together. These sightings have stirred up rumors that Daisy and Jack are dating.

It was a smart idea for Daisy to walk out of a relationship where she was being made to feel bad about herself. It takes courage to end relationships like this but no one should be forced to stay and deal with body-shaming from a partner that's supposed to love you.

Good for Daisy for choosing her own happiness and sanity in this situation. Hope others get to learn from her.

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