Supermodel Christy Turlington's Nephew Is A Model Too, And Fans Can't Get Over How Much He Looks Like His Famous Aunt

Date August 13, 2019

It's usually a thing of pride when a younger family member chooses to follow your footsteps in a life path that has proven successful for you.

A talented supermodel

If you're versed in the knowledge of fashion and modeling, even just a little bit, you must have heard about Christy Turlington.

The 50-year-old supermodel has been in the industry for most of her life. Her name was big in the 80s and 90s and till date, she hasn't been forgotten. In fact, she made such an impact that the Duchess of Sussex chose her to be one of the 15 women to feature on British Vogue as her 'Forces for Change'.

Many people all over the world are inspired by her so it makes sense that her family members would be too.

Say hello to James Turlington Carter

Christy Turlington has a handsome nephew that is apparently following in her footsteps, The supermodel shared a gorgeous photo of the young man in which she explained that he's also choosing to follow a similar career as his aunt's.

In the caption of the picture, Christy wrote;

When your nephew visits you on the set and steals the show!

She then added that this wasn't "a bad start" to his "new career."

James is a 25-year-old upcoming model who is already signed to IMG Models, an outfit that represents the best of the best like Cara Delevigne and Gisele Bündchen.

While sharing the same photo on his own Instagram, James thanked his aunt for the opportunity and appreciated her for "showing me the way."

The perfect lookalike

Fans who saw photo could not help but post comments about James' looks and Christy's. @christianelemieux wrote, "Incredible- he looks just like you!!!" and @eyeswoon agreed, saying, "Incredible Christy — he looks just like you."

Another Instagram user @jasperconran commented, "The apple didn’t fall far from the tree... great," and @amyastley was impressed as well, "OMG! Baby Christy!"

@aleladiane also commented on the resemblance, "He looks so much like you!" and fellow supermodel @ellamacphersonofficial couldn't help but write, "Twins with you."

@redshelley was another amazed fan, "My god. He is gorgeous. And looks just like you," while @lananarahold believes James is a "male version of Christy! Genes!"

We have to agree with these impressed commenters. Christy and James share more than just their good looks. The similarities are hard to ignore.