"That's Just Awful": Adam Levine Slammed For "Ridiculous" New Hairstyle As He Shaves His Hair Then Braids A Cornrow In The Center

Date September 25, 2019 17:10

Over the years, fans have fallen in love with Adam Levine for his beautiful music. And of course, his handsome looks don't hurt.

As the lead singer for the band Maroon 5, people have adored him as an individual and his work in the band in general.

A drastic new do

Adam Levine recently showed fans that it isn't only Hollywood divas that get to make major hairstyle changes. Men can do it too and he isn't afraid to go bold.

Generally speaking, Adam is a very attractive man. And it's safe to say that one of his best quality is his full, lush hair. But the singer has decided he can do without it.

Based on some recent pictures, it appears Adam has shaved off the sides of his head. Then, get this, he braided the center strip into cornrows.

Perhaps, after determining that a simple hair color change will be much too dull, Adam chose to go all out. And yes, he had our attention.


If Adam was hoping for some applause after this dramatic change in appearance, he must have been disappointed. Many people dropped comments about his edgy new look but the general consensus was that he needs to switch back to his old do.

@elreniamaggot said the new hairstyle is "ridiculous," and @nadjielise commented, "not a good look."


That’s just awful.


This is such a bad look.


Hopefully it will grow back quickly.


I’m so embarrassed for him.


i thought he can do no wrong. guess i was wrong.


His hair is way too thin for this.


Adam, you reading these comments? Hope you didn’t pay your hair stylist a lot for this look.

For many people, this just isn't Adam Levine's best look. Do you also agree that he should dump this hairstyle for good?