"There's Nothing Wrong With Him": People Fiercely Defend Donald Trump After Journalist Claims POTUS Suffers From Mental Illness

Date September 11, 2019 10:51

The President of the United States is no stranger to criticisms. People have expressed disapproval of his views, decisions, and actions even before he won the presidential elections. And yes, there have been some who wondered if he was mentally stable.

A recently published article by journalist Peter Wehner has riled up supporters of POTUS who think the writer is way out of line. The piece titled Trump Is Not Well was published by The Atlantic and has received a number of social media comments.

In the post, Peter suggested that Trump has a "disordered personality" and "unhealthy patterns" of thoughts and behavior. The journalist went on to claim that POTUS has "extreme narcissims" and an "addiction to lying" plus many more traits that led him to conclude that the president is mentally unfit to be lead the United States.

The writer described Trump as impulsive and mentioned that he lacks empathy.

On a daily basis we see the president’s chaotic, unstable mind on display.

Peter also considered Trump's "psychological flaws" to be detrimental to the US.

The post has ignited heated reactions from internet users who believe that the journalist's description of the President is unfair and untrue.

They responded to the post by insisting that there is nothing wrong with Trump and the way he leads the country.

A few were very upset that POTUS faces so much backlash and disapproved of how the president is being portrayed.

And Renee St. Jean wrote:

There is nothing wrong with Trump he is just fine. The problem is the media and their framing of a fake news narrative that you ALL FALL FOR.

Do you think Trump's supporters are wrong to defend him?