Unlike Half-Sister Kate Moss, 21-Year-Old Lottie Admits To Having Breast Augmentation Because She Felt Uncomfortable With Her Looks

Date October 9, 2019

For Lottie Moss, being a model is basically a birthright. She's the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss who's 24 years older than she is.

Just like her older sibling, Lottie has been steadily establishing herself in the fashion and modeling world. From her very first campaign in 2014 for Calvin Klein to walking the Chanel catwalk and posing for Vogue Paris, this blonde beauty is on her way to major success.

Even though Lottie looks up to big sis Kate in many ways, she made a choice that deviated from what her older sibling did. Lottie recently admitted to the UK DailyMail that she had breast augmentation done and couldn't be happier.

I did my boobs and I'm very happy with that.

The 21-year-old star told the publication that she felt she deserved to do something nice for herself, hence the decision to undergo the cosmetic procedure.

You've got to spend money on yourself and you've got to treat yourself, and this is one of those little treats that women like to do.

On how her family reacted to her decision, Lottie said her mom Inger completely understood and encouraged her.

My mum always knew that I felt uncomfortable and so it was very easy to say that I was going to get them done. She was like: 'For sure, I wish I'd got mine done.'

Lottie also revealed that, in addition to getting a boob job, she got some lip fillers too. But she had some regrets about that because she was "following the crowd" at the time as she later realized that she didn't really need to have the procedure.

Unlike Lottie, Kate Moss once admitted to Allure that even though she considered plastic surgery, she never went through with it.

She revealed that she thought of getting a boob job because she didn't like her "flat chest" but decided against it.

It makes sense that each of these women decided to do what they needed in order to feel more comfortable with themselves and they don't necessarily have to make the same choices.