"It Was Obvious She Had Some Nice Operations": Melania Trump's Ex Jure Zorcic On Her Plastic Surgery

Date October 24, 2019 11:18

Rumors of Melania Trump’s plastic surgery have been swirling around since her rise to fame. However, her ex-boyfriend Jure Zorcic, is claiming the former model had some work done on her body.

FLOTUS wants to “age gracefully”

When it comes to aging, every woman is probably afraid of changes. Thanks to beauty injections and plastic surgeries, wrinkles and gray hair isn’t a nightmare for us. But some ladies do not support such drastic interruptions into the natural processes.

For example, Melania Trump. FLOTUS once said she is against plastic surgery and wants to age gracefully like her mother. She further explained that she hasn’t done any form of surgery including botox injections.

Melania trump plastic surgery revealed by an ex-boyfriend

Melania has been happily married to Donald Trump for over a decade. But before their relationship started, not much is known about the first lady’s previous love life.

Now, her ex-boyfriend Jure Zorcic is opening up about the US first lady’s plastic surgery. In an interview with a Slovenian blog, Zorcic revealed FLOTUS had very was much changed from when they were younger. He said:

She sat a few feet away with her bodyguards, and it looked like she had some cosmetic work done. When we were together, she didn’t have a big chest. It was obvious she had some nice operations. Anyway, she is still very pretty.

At the time Jure saw Melania she had already begun dating US president Donald Trump. Zorcic claiming to be Melania’s first love said he met her “like in a movie.” He also said they lived together as a couple for a few months in Slovenia.

An expert also thinks she has done surgery

Despite Melania’s words, an expert in cosmetology, Dr. Dev Patel, has an opinion. Patel believes the first lady has had a nose job and used botox. Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said:

I noticed the very obvious signs of likely Botox when watching her on a TV interview. Comparing the earlier photo from when she is younger and the later life pictures one can see that the nasal shape has changed.

It’s hard to imagine what Melania’s life would be like if she hadn’t met Donald Trump. Maybe, she would still live in Slovenia or she would have married her then-boyfriend.

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