Erin Andrews And Jarret Stoll's Relationship Became Stronger Thanks To Cancer, As He "Was Amazing" And Visited Doctors With Her

Date October 21, 2019

It's been almost three years since Erin Andrews was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Now, the sportscaster is cancer-free and looking back at her journey she says that it only made her relationship with Jaret Stoll stronger.

Erin Andrews' battle with cancer

The "Dancing with the Stars" host was diagnosed in September 2016. Five months later, she shared the news with her fans and told that her then-boyfriend Jaret Stoll had gone through thick and thin with her.

“I think if anything it got us stronger,”

- she told Entertainment Tonight.

“He went to a lot of doctors’ meetings, saw a lot of diagrams and sat there. And this is a guy who cares about winning face-offs and winning penalty kills and so forth, and he was like, ‘We got this, we got this.’ It made conversations about having babies very real and candid for him and our life and everything. So he was amazing.”

Even while having two surgeries, Andrews was determined to get right back to work. Her family was always there right by her side, making sure that she was healthy and not overworking herself.

Erin Andrews and Jaret Stoll relationship

Erin Andrews and Jaret Stoll announced their engagement back in December of 2016 at the time when Erin was battling her cancer and got married a year later at a picturesque wedding.

While the couple is holding off on expanding their family at this moment, they are planning to have kids in the future. Meanwhile, Andrews expressed that "it feels great" to be cancer free, but she still gets worried about what could happen in the future.

Well. looking at these two lovebirds we hope that there is only happiness awaiting them on their way! Life is great when you have someone like Jaret by your side. Love and support are essential in our lives and it seems that there is no difficulties that Erin and Jaret can't cope with together.

Many years of happiness to this lovely couple!

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