Prince Harry's Ex Caroline Flack, 39, "Scared It's Too Late" For Having Kids, Says She Regrets Dedicating Her Life To Career

Date September 4, 2019

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story is in many respects akin to a fairytale, it needs to be understood that the royal twosome had not been together since early childhood.

Caroline and Prince Harry

Each of them dated other people before they finally got acquainted in July 2016. Harry, for one, had a romance with Caroline Flack, a 39-year-old radio and television presenter from London.

Their relationship was not a long one, a brief dalliance indeed, as the two met in 2009 and called it off the same year.

Caroline Flack would later intimate that she initiated their split, for she did not want to be Prince Harry’s “bit of rough.”

While Prince Harry subsequently focused his energy on wooing Meghan Markle and ultimately sired a royal scion, Caroline Flack had a series of unfruitful relationships.

In the space between 2011 and 2019, Caroline dated Olly Murs, Harry Styles, Jack Street, Mike Thalassitis, Andrew Brady, and Lewis Burton.

Importantly, however, although Caroline apparently has no problems with attention on the part of handsome and rather successful males, familial life seems to persistently elude her.

Caroline is having second thoughts about children

Caroline has even recently admitted her regret at having no children.

She reportedly has some second thoughts about having dedicated too much time to her career and ephemeral relationships.

She said:

'I've never got to that point yet and I'm scared it's gonna get too late.

Likewise, she added:

'Where I've wanted to go "Right, maybe slow down, think about having kids and maybe think about settling down" but I've never had that, that's never been wired into me. It's really strange, I feel guilty for it sometimes, maybe I'm being selfish.'

The TV presenter admitted she has 'always put work first', as does her boyfriend Lewis, and she worries it will soon be too late to have a family.

'I've still kind of always put work first - wake up in the morning, go to work, come home - just like my boyfriend has.

While the clock of fertility is indeed ticking for Caroline, she is not yet too old to produce her own kids.

If her current relationship with Lewis Burton falls on fertile ground, Caroline has all the chances to become a mother anytime soon. The most important thing is that she understands that she needs to act with a sense of urgency rather than play games.