Lisa Marie Presley's Twins' Ex-Nanny Claimed She Was Forced To Work 7-Days A Week Without Meal Breaks

Date November 11, 2019 10:40

The late 2000s were a tough period for Elvis Presley's only child, Lisa Marie. She had to legally pursue UK's DailyMail for publishing her unflattering shots. They hinted that she had unhealthy eating habits. The heiress was actually just pregnant.

She clarified it on her MySpace account to stop all the harassment. Lisa Marie Presley's twins arrived on October 7, 2008. She welcomed baby girls: Harper and Finley with her third husband, Michael Lockwood. The couple hired a postpartum caretaker, Christine White who served as a live-in employee for 5 months. Later, she became a headache for the family.

The former nanny's accusations

According to Radar Online, after getting fired from the job, Christine filed a complaint against Lisa in court. She claimed that her boss consciously disregarded her rights.

The nanny said she worked 12-hour shifts with rest breaks lasting only 3-hours. Moreover, she took care of Harper and Finley for 10-hours straight without having a meal break. White stated that she was not paid overtime and sought $25,000 in damages.

Marie, on the other hand, declared that hiring her was a mistake. Christine unlawfully photographed her twins and broke the confidentiality contract. The celebrity mom further mentioned that the worker's actions were fueled by greed and revenge.

How much she was paid anyway?

Lisa Marie revealed Christine's hefty pay. She was paid $650 a day! In addition to that, the baby sitter had chefs and other staff at her disposal. She also had her own guest house on the estate where she would doze off and take several breaks.

The case was settled in 2010 but, we are not sure how it ended. Lisa did give us one lesson though. Don't let self-entitled nannies near your child and be sure to make their job perks known to the public. Share this and sound off.

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