"Something Isn't Adding Up:" Donald Trump Shares How Much He Weighs But People Don't Think He's Being Honest

Date November 29, 2019

People are curious about Donald Trump's weight and it's not just because he's a public figure. The POTUS has often made comments about other people's sizes and some wonder if it isn't a 'pot calling the kettle black' situation. Take for example when, in August 2019, President Trump, slammed a heckler for being overweight.

He was at a rally in New Hampshire when the heckler, whom the president initially assumed to be a protester, got on the wrong side of the POTUS.

In response, President Trump criticized the heckler saying he had a "serious weight problem" and advised him to "start exercising."

Donald Trump's height and weight revealed

Thanks to attacks like this, it's no wonder that people want to know Donald Trump's weight. But the numbers aren't actually a secret.

In 2016, NPR reported Trump's weight and other details based on numbers provided by the president's personal physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, in a summary made available to the publication.

In the letter, it was said that Trump was in "excellent physical health." The doctor noted that the 73-year-old president weighed 236 pounds and his height was 6'3".

"Something Isn't Adding Up:" Donald Trump Shares How Much He Weighs But People Don't Think He's Being HonestGetty Images / Ideal Image

Based on lab tests taken out for Trump, it was reported that they showed normal levels of cholesterol and blood sugar.

Skepticism over Donald Trump's weight

Eyebrows were raised over these revelations of POTUS's numbers. Some people felt they seemed unlikely.

The Chief of Staff for Senator Dave Marsden, Matt Rogers, shared a Twitter post at the time where he compared Trump's numbers with those of sportsman Colin Kaepernick. He implied that this comparison showed that something must not be right about the president's revealed body stats.

One Twitter user had an issue with Trump's height. A photo was posted of the current president and former president Barack Obama standing side by side. The snap showed them to be almost the same height which begged an important question.

The concerns are certainly understandable considering the fact that people want a president that's fit and healthy in office. So if there are discrepancies, some may be worried, not just about Trump's health but his lack of honesty. Do you agree that the numbers just don't add up?

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