Birds Of A Feather! Body Language Expert Points Out Key Similarity Between Melania And Ivanka Trump

Date November 28, 2019

Melania Trump and Ivanka aren't necessarily related by blood but they do share a few things in common. For one thing, both ladies' love for fashion is something they have in common. However, they have different styles, even in this area.

One report by AOL highlighted the fact that when it comes to fashion, Ivanka connects more to the middle-class as she often sports reasonably priced items from accessible brands like Zara and even her own fashion line.

Melania, on the other hand, has her sights set on more luxurious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain.

There's nothing wrong with either of these approaches, as the two women appeal to different types of Trump supporters.

A similarity between Melania Trump and Ivanka

Body language expert Judi James has broken down one key similarity between the First Lady and her step-daughter Ivanka.

Speaking to Express, Judi explained that Ivanka Trump may very likely be looking up to Melania in term of fashion. She pointed out that they both always seem dressed to the nines and look glamorous.

While talking about Ivanka Trump's body language in pictures.

Judi said:

POTUS’s daughter appears to be mirroring or mimicking her step-mother Melania’s signature beauty queen pose. This could imply some subliminal admiration for her.

Judi went on to explain that despite a difference in taste, these two women have a desire to appear confident and chic in public, thanks to their style choices.

Their close connection

Ivanka and Melania Trump's body language when they are together is usually one of familial warmth. And it isn't a facade.

Stephanie Grisham, a spokesperson for Melania, once told The Atlantic that the FLOTUS and Ivanka have always "shared a close relationship."

Birds Of A Feather! Body Language Expert Points Out Key Similarity Between Melania And Ivanka TrumpGetty Images / Ideal Image

It's pretty cool that Ivanka has a strong connection with Melania. In addition to being like-minded fashion-wise, these two ladies also have important jobs in US politics and they have become role models for a lot of women. It's no wonder they get along.

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