An Unusual Home For A Star: John Travolta's House Is An Actual Airport And It's As Cool As One Might Expect

Date November 11, 2019 11:30

When people think of John Travolta's house, they probably expect, as an iconic actor, that he lives in some sort of luxurious mansion with some super cool stuff.

And while John's house is quite cool, it's probably not the type of Hollywood glamor-home one might imagine and that's all due to his interest.

Yes, John is a famous actor. But interestingly, he also happens to be a certified private pilot as he received his license at the age of 22.

So while acting might be an interest of his, flying is also something he's passionate about. And he has somehow managed to incorporate both into his life.

John Travolta's house

The actor and his wife Kelly Preston purchased land in the Jumbolair Aviation Estates where they now live.

According to Aerotime, John, a flight enthusiast, owned five aircraft so it made sense that his home would feature two actual runways which lead to his front door.

While speaking to Australia's Today, the actor revealed that their home was purposefully designed to ensure their jets gave them access to the world "at a moment's notice."

John's choice of location isn't the only thing that pays homage to his passion for airplanes, the plane theme is virtually everywhere in his house.

In the interview, the actor said he was five years old when aviation caught his passion.

He had always dreamed of living in a place where planes can basically be in his front yard.

His property features a 7,500-foot runway and according to Architecturendesign, his livingroom has curved windows walls that look into the tarmac. The actor said:

Michael Eisner was our first dinner guest. He looked at our planes and said, ‘My God, I get it. Within an hour we can be on our way to Paris.’

Buying their home

John and his wife Kelly purchased this property back in 2001 and it has now become the spot for their 6,600-square-feet home.

An Unusual Home For A Star: John Travolta's House Is An Actual Airport And It's As Cool As One Might ExpectGetty Images / Ideal Image

Not everyone will get the opportunity to find the perfect home that not only offers comfort and shelter but also helps them live their dream every single day. With a legendary acting career plus a home that lets him surround himself with things he's truly passionate about, John is one lucky guy indeed.

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