Elvis Presley's Divorce From Priscilla "Hurt His Heart" But Still Tried Hard To Find True Love

Date January 15, 2020

Elvis Presley was a die-hard romantic at heart. And based on the words of those who knew him well, he was also determined to experience that one epic love that would transform his life.

Elvis' divorce from Priscilla Presley

Even before Elvis married Priscilla in 1967, he longed to settle down with someone who truly loved him and vice versa. This was a world-famous singer who could have had virtually any lady he wanted but he remained modest and focused.

The singer's friend, Mae Boren Axton, revealed that one of the toughest experiences for Elvis was realizing, about six years into his marriage, that Priscilla wasn't the woman for him.

In 1976, Priscilla revealed to People that she felt suffocated in the marriage as her needs were secondary to his. Was this what pushed her to have an affair with karate teacher Mike Stone? Possibly. The upshot of it all was that, in February 1972, she told Elvis that she wanted out of the marriage.

Axton revealed that this was a very tough pill for Elvis to swallow at the time.

It hurt his ego, and it hurt his heart.

Elvis was deeply changed by the divorce and he took it really hard. He even made songs that appeared to be a message to his ex-wife such as Always on My Mind and Hurt. Despite the heartbreak, Elvis and Priscilla remained very good friends until he passed away in 1977.

Once, while addressing his fans during a performance, Elvis took some blame for his marriage coming to an end.

I was traveling too much. I was gone too much. I didn't think it was fair to her.

Searching for true love

Elvis Presley never remarried after his union with Priscilla ended but he did continue searching for true love, as revealed by some people closest to him.

Speaking to Closer Weekly, one of the late singer's friends, Michael St. John, explained that despite the fact that women often swarmed around Elvis, the hitmaker still preferred to be monogamous.

He wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of guy. He always seemed to be searching for a true love that just seemed to elude him.

Cybill Shepherd, Elvis Presley's former girlfriend, told the outlet that the singer went all out when it came to impressing women he liked.

Ginger Alden, another former partner revealed that Elvis was a big fan of putting on a private serenade for women who captured his heart.

He loved to play the organ [while wearing] this great jeweled robe. To have him singing for me, that’s an image I will always have.

He also loved giving gifts to his partners as a way to show them how much they meant to him. Clearly, romance wasn't something that was difficult for him to create.

Dying alone?

Elvis was linked with a few women before he passed away. However, Priscilla Presley believed that he was deeply alone despite it all. Speaking to Good Morning America in 2017, she said:

He really was alone. He really didn't have a peer.

Ginger Alden, who Elvis was in a relationship with up until his death, said that this wasn't the case. She revealed that the singer had big plans for her and they were going to tie the knot. She spoke to RonRussell, saying that she and Elvis had planned to get married on Christmas Day in 1977.

During an interview with Inside Edition, Ginger also denied some of the claims that were made shortly after Elvis' death including reports that he was so unhappy, depressed and had lost the will to live. She said:

This wasn't what I witnessed. This wasn't the person I loved. This wasn't how he was those last nine months and I was with him 98% of the time.

Other women Elvis has been linked to

In addition to Ginger and Priscilla, here are some other ladies that captured the rockstar's heart.

  • Jullie Parrish: They met on the set of the film Paradise Hawaiian Style. She also once revealed that he was with Priscilla at the time.
  • Cybill Shepherd: Cybill and Elvis met in 1972. She has always been open about the strong physical connection they shared.
  • Linda Thompson: This relationship began a few months after Priscilla left Elvis.

Elvis Presley lived a very wild and complicated life. His music helped him build an image that was larger than life but those closest to him have witnessed other versions of the star. To date, he's still celebrated for his art and his music is still being embraced.

He might have been single when he died but based on those who knew him, he was still someone who believed in love. And the ladies he fell for still have positive things to say about him.

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