"It Was Completely Devastating": Mark Wahlberg Lost His Eldest Sister The Same Day His Daughter Was Born

Date January 22, 2020

Mark Wahlberg is an epitome of success, decent manners, and a fun-loving personality. His love for his family is something beyond explanation, and in case you didn’t know, there are nine children in the entire brood.

Not only Mark’s parents and siblings lived in poverty for some time, but the family also faced unbearable pain and unimaginable loss — the death of Debbie Wahlberg, the actor’s sister.

What did Debbie Wahlberg die from?

Mark Walhberg’s sister passed away on the same day his first daughter was born. It’s like the replacement: one person goes away, the other one comes to the world.

The Departed star explained ET Canada that Debbie was about to get kidney stones removed in a hospital but suddenly died of a heart attack and septic shock in 2003. She was only 43 years old at the moment of death.

Debbie Wahlberg’s demise was a shock to the entire family, especially for her mother, Alma, who fell into depression and lost her identity while coping with grief. “It was completely devastating,” — simply said Mark.

My mom really went into a big, deep depression after my sister passed away. It was the same day my daughter [Ella] was born, and she’ll be 16 on September 2, so it was a long time ago, but no parent should have to lose a child.

Due to Mark and his brother Donnie’s success, Alma stopped being Alma and became Mark & Donnie’s mother. It was a devastating period for her, losing herself step by step. However, the brothers admitted the TV show ‘Wahlburgers’ helped her, and the entire family find themselves and deal with grief.

Talking to Hollywoodlife in 2019, the Transformers star said it was more than just a show, a business, and a success. The TV show surprisingly brought the family together and granted Alma Wahlberg with peace, her identity, and delight after losing her firstborn daughter.

The family still pay their respects to late Deborah more than a decade after her death

Interesting facts about Mark Wahlberg

  1. He became an addict at 13.
  2. He dropped out of school at 13 years old due to family’s financial issues, though he later got school education at the age of 42.
  3. He was arrested over 20 times, including attempted murder. He served only 45 days out of a 2-year sentence.
  4. He was an underwear model for Calvin Klein before acting career.
  5. Mark and his brothers co-own a restaurant in Massachusetts called Wahlburgers.
  6. Most importantly, he regrets his past and lives a respectful, happy, and calm life.

The Wahlbergs had to experience heartbreak and grief altogether at the very same time. Though it was challenging for them to find strength again, their special bond and mutually-respectful behavior indeed contributed to their recovery. However, Mark’s daughter’s birthday reminds him of that tragic day, but what else can he do? The only solution is to be patient and strong, ’cause that’s what life is about.

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