"Elvis Presley Of Country Music": How Merle Haggard's Youngest Son Ben Carries On His Legacy Nowadays

Date January 17, 2020

Merle Haggard’s life was pretty prosperous and exciting, as he was a country legend with a beautiful family by his side. In particular, the all-time great star was married five times, having produced six children. Three of them became country singers, just like their dad.

Sadly, Merle Haggard passed away from double pneumonia on April 6, 2016. He was 79 years old. However, he left the worldly life with his family members and close friends besides. What happened to his kids?

"Elvis Presley Of Country Music": How Merle Haggard's Youngest Son Ben Carries On His Legacy NowadaysGetty Images / Ideal Image

Ben Haggard & his dad’s legacy

Merle Haggard’s last wife, Theresa Ann Lane, gave birth to two children, daughter Janessa, and son Ben. Although little things known about their firstborn, Merle Haggard’s son does everything to keep his father’s legacy alive.

What exactly does he do?

  • Since 15, Ben Haggard has been the lead guitarist in his dad’s longtime band after the childhood of regular recordings and performances on stages with Merle.
  • Alongside his brother Noel and the music band, the Strangers, Ben contributed his songs and melodies to pass his father’s influence and honor to his followers.
  • Merle Haggard once told his son he would be an idiot not to take his guitar and tour globally to promote his country music, which Ben has been doing for a long time.
  • His challenge is to have his own musical career while carrying on Merle’s talent.

Merle and Ben Haggard were very close to each other until the country icon’s passing in 2016. He always inspired and motivated his son to become better and follow his musical and singing talent.

I asked him, ‘Since you’re famous, does that make me famous too?’ And he said, ‘Son, you’ve got to create your own thunder.’ That’s always stuck with me. I look back at that moment as if it were a movie. It’s something I never forget.

“Elvis Presley of county music”

Merle Haggard got the first guitar for his son Ben when he was only 6. Haggard Jr. believes he “was drawn to” country music, following in his father’s footsteps. One of the advice the young talent remembers from his iconic parent is to be “own thing.”

Be your own thing. Don’t worry about what people are going to think about what you can do; it’s going to be you. It’s going to be honest. Just try to be as honest as you can with whatever you’re trying to do.

Ben believes he will never be as great as his father was, but he will try to do anything to make him proud. The young talent once said:

Dad was the Elvis Presley of country music. I doubt he understood how much people loved him.

Merle Haggard would be incredibly delighted to see what his youngest son has done for him. Keeping parents’ legacy and influence is essential, and Ben masterly does it daily. Although the country legend isn’t here to witness all of it, we are he is proud of him from above.

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