John Lennon's Eldest Son Julian Is All Grown Up And Looks Just Like His Legendary Father

Date December 12, 2019

Beatles star John Lennon and his partner Cynthia welcomed baby Julian Lennon in April 1963. According to BeatlesBible, Julian was born at the Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool.

Cynthia once shared that John wasn't there for his son's birth as having fathers present for childbirth wasn't the custom at the time. She had to go through the birth process alone because her mother, who she actually wanted, was in Canada at the time.

On how John was as a father, it actually depended on who you asked. Julian expressed, over the years, that his father wasn't there for him. However, John's second son, whom he had with Yoko Ono, could have a more favorable account of the late legend as a father.

Julian himself once told TheTelegraph that John was a hypocrite who preached "peace and love" to the world but didn't show it to his loved ones.

John Lennon's son, Julian, is all grown up

Nothing reminds you of the passage of time quite as strikingly seeing someone who you once considered as "little" all grown up.

Julian Lennon turned 56 in April 2019 and it's pretty amazing how time flies. It also puts things into perspective when you realize that he has now lived more than a decade and a half longer than his father who died at the age of 40.

Like his legendary dad, Julian is also into music. But over the years, he has spoken a bit about the Lennon family rift. He and his mother Cynthia didn't exactly get along with Yoko Ono and her son Sean. There have been times where it seemed the feud was settling down only to pick back up again.

Despite moderate success as a musician, Julian soon began putting more focus on a different type of art, photography. He once told Express that it helped that his father was never a photographer so he wasn't constantly being judged against the iconic singer's achievement.

Too many to mention. Pulling myself back up on the horse, time and time again, over many years, has been tough...I have been close to quitting on numerous occasions, especially when after the release of an album the comparisons begin without people having even listened to it.

Even though he has had setbacks and drama in his life, Julian isn't ready to give up.

Julian and Sean Lennon's relationship

During his 1998 interview with the Telegraph, Julian also shared that he loved his half-brother Sean and considered him to be a smart kid.

Julian revealed that he tried to see Sean as much as possible especially whenever they're in the same town but apparently, the devotion wasn't mutual.

If I move, I always give him my new number. I call him from time to time, but I never get a return call. I think it's to do with the difference in our ages. The last thing he's thinking about is his older brother.

The Lennons have obviously faced some family complications but in the end, everyone will do what's right for them. As for Julian Lennon, he's still pursuing his goals and taking each day as it comes. It's really cool that he's so connected to his dad's legacy.

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