Bindi Irwin Is "All Smiles" As She Wishes Her Fiance A Merry Christmas Amid Baby-Making Plans

Date December 27, 2019 17:25

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell are the couple melting everyone's hearts these days. Not only are they head over heels for each other, but they are also planning to tie the knot real soon.

Bindi Irwin's baby-making plans

Even though the couple isn't technically married yet, Bindi has already revealed that she's got babies on her mind. As fans anticipate their big day, the wildlife conservationist stated that she and her fiance do plan to have children someday.

During an interview with NewIdea, she was asked if she and Chandler hope to welcome kids at some point. The bride-to-be replied:

Absolutely. One day it’d be special to have my own little wildlife warriors! I think it’s a way away right now, but if and when it does happen, I can guarantee you they’ll have their own khaki because khaki is not just the colour, it’s an attitude.

Sweet Christmas message

On Christmas Day, Bindi shared a couple of pictures of herself and Chandler on her Instagram account. They were both rocking their respective Christmas sweaters and in one of the shots, they had such big grins on their faces.

Bindi revealed the reason for her bright smile in the caption, saying:

All smiles because I’m in love with you, it’s Christmas and my sweater lights up...

The soon-to-be-married couple also snuggled up to each other in another photo, telling us that right in each other's arms is where they want to be.

How their love story began

Bindi and Chandler have come a long way since they first met in 2013. Chandler once revealed to People that he and his family visited the Australia Zoo and fortunately, Bindi was the one giving tours that day.

Even though they lived in different countries, the two of them hit it off immediately and stayed connected after that meeting.

Their relationship timeline

Here are some other significant moments of the couple's life.

  • In 2015: After building their relationship for a while, they officially went public as a couple.
  • In 2016: They were in a long-distance relationship. Bindi expressed how difficult it was to drop Chandler off at the airport after he had traveled to Australia to visit her.
  • In 2018: Chandler made a big move to live in Australia officially so he could be with Bindi.
  • In 2019: The couple announced their engagement.

Bindi and Chandler have one of the sweetest love stories ever. The distance was never a barrier to their relationship and each of them put the effort, over the years, to maintain their bond. Now, all these heartwarming events in their lives are about to culminate in what we expect to be a truly beautiful wedding. We bet they cannot wait to say "I do.' And neither can we.

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